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Soy milk cappucino

Cappucino made with soy milk When I first tried to make a cappucino with soy milk I was suprised the foamy consistency of the stirred milk was excellent. The taste though was not ok. I missed the fatty velvet mouth sensation of cow milk, and the taste was a bit flat. Cow milk contains quite some sugar and fat. Adding a bit of sugar and sunflower oil to the soy milk did wonders.


1/2 Tsp (2.5 ml) sugar
1 Tsp (5 ml) sun flower oil
50 ml sugar free soy milk
25 ml espresso

  1. Add the sugar and sunflower oil to the soy milk, and heat the milk in the microwave for 30 seconds at 1000 watts.
  2. Make one espresso serving.
  3. Stir the milk to get a nice foam.
  4. Pour the foam in the cappucino cup.
  5. Enjoy.
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